"Thank you for the extra care you gave to make sure I was satisfied with the shape of my eyebrows and eyeliner. Your training in hygiene was a big assistance for me to have YOU perform my procedures. I can't tell you how nice it is not to have to worry any more about wiping my face AND makeup off at the same time. No one knows it's permanent until I tell them. I have received several compliments on how natural it looks. All I need to do in the morning is add foundation and lipstick. I love it!!!"

"The steps you take to keep your equipment sterile, the use of disposable needles, and your artistic background to be able to create and style naturally to make it look like real makeup. There is a stigma of a tattoo parlor industry and this really sets you apart from the rest."

"I just wanted to thank you for my eyebrows. I really love them and I wish I had done this years ago. The other thing is to say that as I told you, I had not slept well the night before and with the relaxing music you play and the great topical pain killers you use, I was able to just relax for an hour in complete bliss. You know I didn't want to leave."

"Anyone who is worried this will hurt should just trust me and make an appointment. It won't hurt! I promise."

Having permanent "eyebrows" is one of the best investments in beauty care that I have ever made. I no long have to "put on my eyebrows" before being seen and I certainly don't have to worry about still having my eyebrows on when I get out of the swimming pool or any other water sports. It took years of me thinking about having it done and I certainly wasted a lot of time by not having it done sooner. I would definitely recommend permanent makeup to anyone who is remotely thinking about it. Just think of how much time, energy and eyebrow pencil that I will have saved over the rest of my life.

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