Areola Skin Re-Pigmentation

Areola Micropigmentation is most used to "replace" an areola after surgical removal. Areola skin re-coloration is for anyone who wishes to correct breast and areola color irregularities, or cosmetically enhance a normal,  non hypo-pigmented areola.   The areola  can be made more rosy, or darker or can be used to blend the edges out a little more.

Para-Medical Procedures

Some clients have special needs and interests beyond the standard eyebrows, eyeliner and lip coloration.

Camouflage and re-coloration is the color enhancement of the skin or re-pigmentation of hypo-pigmented areas of the dermis.

Elayne offers topical anesthetics before and during your procedure so there is little or minimal discomfort.
Patients with keloid scar problems may not be good candidates for these procedures so be sure to disclose your prior scarring history.  Patients with active infections should wait until the infection has cleared before seeking treatment.